Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review

Even if you’ve never played the first Girls with Guns Canadian casino slots game, you’ll have a ball with the second installment. And if you’ve played the first one already, then you know just how much of an adventure you are now in for. With the Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review, you’ll see just how much fun this new slots game can be and how much it’s rocking the casino world today.

An Introduction to the New Slots Game

The Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review explains that the game includes the 243 Ways to Win feature. This means that you can create matches very easy and have more opportunities to win. It’s easy to match up symbols for winning combinations and there are literally 243 ways to do so. That’s a lot of matches! The Canadian casino slots game shows an icy backdrop and graphics that make you feel like you’re on the edge of the world. The sexy girls are here to protect you in the frigid environment, however, so you should rest assured that you’re safe. They will melt the ice around them and your heart. You’ll meet these girls with the new slots game and will find out about each one. First, there is Katherine and she’s the leader. Maria is on Artillery; Kira is the Sniper; Alex works in Demolitions; Zoe does the Tactical work and Jess is with Infiltration. There is an icy wild with the Canadian casino slots game that appears on reel three and will turn everything else to be wild.

More Bonus Fun

The Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review explains that there are even more ways to have a blast. While the regular play is tremendously fun, the bonus play is also awesome with the new slots game. The Shootout bonus feature activates randomly and one of the girls will then fire her weapon at a target. She shoots a symbol and then you’ll see your prize amount. The Free Spins part of the game allows you to have 12 free spins when you land with the satellite symbols. You need three, four or five of these symbols on the reels. The Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review explains that you have something else special with this part of the game. You’ll either get frozen wilds which will hold in place for three spins and then melt; or you’ll have magnetic wilds if the wild symbol hits reel five. Then, the wild will travel to reel one and stay there for the rest of the spins. You can even stack these wilds for more fun winning ways.

The sexy girls of this new slots game are ready for action. The question is if you, the player, are ready for the level of action they are about to deliver. You can’t go wrong, as the Girls With Guns 2 - Frozen Dawn Slots Review will explain, with this awesome game. It’s jam packed with adventure and action and it has sexy girls running across the screen as well. All of this combines for an awesome playing adventure anytime that you want to enjoy a fantasy world. It's not often that you come face to face with kick-ass women who know how to shoot a weapon and manage themselves under fire. Here, with this new slots game, you'll see an entirely new world and one that is filled with hot chicks who know how to get it done. And that's an adventure worth having anytime that you want to play.