Great Griffin

Ancient Greek and Egyptian folklore describes a mythical creature, the Great Griffin, who who guarded the divine and served as a symbol of heavenly powers. This legendary being had the wings and head of an eagle and the body of a lion. Fables speak of the griffin as a guardian of great riches and valuable possessions.

The Great Griffin has risen again in our day as a fun-filled slots casino game, allowing casino players to enjoy the game's thrills and exciting plays at all online casinos which feature the best slots games. The game offers players all of the elements that create a great game including scatters, multipliers, free spins, Wilds and the Great Griffin's unique Extra Wilds. All of these components combine to provide opportunities to win big prizes and jackpots.

Slots Casino Action

Great Griffin players will find a fast-paced slots casino game filled with countless opportunities to win real money prizes. The four-reel slots game features 50 paylines which provide even more opportunities to create winning combinations and earn payouts. Spins take place in a sinister alchemist's castle where players create paylines with the Great Griffin's symbols. These symbols include mystical plants, spell books, magic crystals and potion flasks. During the spins gamers will see the Great Griffin flying across the reels, scratching random symbols with its razor-sharp claws to turn the icons into wild griffin symbols. These Wilds increase opportunities to make paylines and double payouts.

Free spins in the Great Griffin carry multipliers of ten. On the game's third reel, players can see three mysterious hooded ladies. The appearance of these ladies triggers the Great Griffin slots casino game's "Pick Me Bonus" which provides the player with three options -- the player can select a symbol to receive a prize, pick a second time or win the Pick Me Bonus jackpot.

When the hooded lady symbol appears on either the third, fourth or fifth reels, players are awarded a free spin with multipliers. Fifteen free spins carries a multiplier of three, ten free spins has a multiplier of five and five free spins has a multiplier of ten. The Pick Me Bonus also multiplies the winnings of previously-won prizes.

Best Slots Games

Players will find the Great Griffin at online casinos which feature the best slots games. Playing excitement is increased by the game's outstanding illustrations which draw players into the slots casino game's excitement and anticipation. The game is challenging for veteran players while providing user-friendly play for beginning players. All players will thrill to the opportunity to walk away with the Great Griffin's lucrative treasures.