Play Jurassic Park Online Slots for Fun or Real Money

The Jurassic Park Online Slots game is an excellent slots game with five reels and 243 ways to win. The slot is introduced with clips from the original movie that depicts the development of the world famous dinosaurs and how the park developed them together with the eventual destruction of the park as the tamed animals turned into uncontrollable beasts. The introductory movie includes clips from the original movie together with excellent sound that sets the scene for this thrilling slots game that has many different bonus opportunities built into it. Players can try out the game for fun or practice before placing real money bets that gives them a chance to get to know the game and understand all of the different bonus options involved together with the characters of the different dinosaurs. Players can enjoy the play for fun option as long as they want and when ready it is a simple and easy procedure to switch over to the real money game.

Free Spins and a Special Bonus Feature

The majority of the bonus features in the Jurassic Park Online Slots are to do with free spins hence it is often thought of as a free spins slots game.  Each of the dinosaur characters offers 12 free spins that are activated when three or more of the scatter symbols appear on the screen. The scatter symbol is represented by a piece of ancient amber that houses a small mosquito or insect. Amber is in fact insect resin that has solidified over thousands of years.  The scatter amber symbol also offers handsome wins on its own with five of these on the screen awarding players 1500 coins. Landing three or more of the scatter resins automatically awards the player 12 free spins and one of the six dinosaur characters. Each dinosaur offers a different bonus feature that accompanies the 12 free spins. Tyrannosaurus Rex when appearing during the free spins turns up to five reels wild. Velociraptor offers multiplying wilds and split wilds that increase the winning potential for each player. Brachiosaurus offers a mystery multiplier that ranges from 2x up to 6x. Triceratops awards running wilds that grow with each time they appear on the screen. Dilophosaurus offers winning wilds that appear at random on the screen with him. Each of these different options are awarded totally at random but when a player has won free spins more than 25 times he can actually choose which of the bonus dinosaur options he wants to enjoy during his 12 free spins.

T-Rex Alert Mode

Apart from the free spins slots options that make up the majority of the bonus options in this game, Jurassic Park Online Slots also has a wild symbol and a random bonus feature. The wild symbol is denoted by the logo of the game and stacks in the base game. The additional bonus feature called the T-Rex Alert Mode is activated at random when the boisterous Theropod escapers from his cave. He bounds across the screen and manages to add 35 extra wild symbols for the duration of 6 spins. This of course adds many winning options to the players and increases their own potential to thrive and win during the game. Apart from the excellent bonus features and clear colours and graphics that this game offers there is also an auto play feature. Players can set the number of spins that they want the game to run for consecutively .The auto play option can be stopped at any time and players can continue with the regular mode of play.  The Jurassic Park Online Slots game is accompanied with thematic music from the original movie that helps to set the scene perfectly. Players can step back in time to the dinosaur era but in a modern setting where they can get to know and understand the special features of each of the different creatures that make up this thrilling slots game. There is no fear involved because the imagery although very life like, is just that imagery. And players can enjoy the game for as long as they want, take a break and come back to the free spins slots and wild wins and T-Rex alert whenever they want.