Progressive Jackpots at Slots Casino

LotsaLoot is a top slots jackpots game from Microgaming that is available to play as a three reel slots game with five paylines or a five reel slots casino game with twenty five paylines. Both of the games are linked to the same progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a constantly growing jackpot that is linked between games of the same name at different slots casino options. A portion of every players bet contributes to the growing jackpot. The more players that place bets and play the game the greater the jackpot grows. Apart from the progressive jackpot both versions of LotsaLoot offer many other winning opportunities.

Three Reel LotsaLoot Game

The three reel LotsaLoot game has five paylines. The coin size is set at $0.50 with a maximum bet of $2.50 per spin i.e. five coins. Players need to place a maximum bet in order to be in with a chance to win the jackpot which is awarded when three of the LotsaLoot symbols land on the fifth payline. The LotsaLoot symbol also acts as a wild symbol and can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line. When the wild does take the place of other symbols, the winnings for that line are doubled. All of the different winning configurations can be seen on the screen at the side of the reels.

Five Reel LotsaLoot Game

The five reel version of LotsaLoot has twenty five paylines and uses many of the same symbols which appear in the three reel version. These include the colorful seven and a pot of gold coins. In the three reel version of the game there are single, double and triple bars whereas the five reel version of the game offers a colorful bar symbol together with a four leaf clover and colorful numbers of high scoring cards ranging from A for Ace through to 9. Five of the LotsaLoot symbols on the twenty fifth payline with a maximum bet on all paylines win the jackpot in this version of the popular slots jackpots game. The five reel version has a fixed coin size of $0.10 with a maximum bet o $2.50, the same as the maximum bet of the three reel game. The five reel version of LotsaLoot offers many different winning configurations but apart from the greater number of paylines there is not much difference between the two games. Both games can only be played for real money due to the progressive slots jackpots. The graphics are vivid and clear and together with the great sound that accompanies each game, either option provides great entertainment together with breathtaking winning opportunities.