Go Nuclear

Looking for new real money slots game at an online slots casino? Check out the Nuclear 9s where you can win up to 50,000 coins with just one lucky spin. That's right, bet the max, hit the reels, and if you are lucky – Go Nuclear! That means that you get 5 reels showing the big Nuclear 9s symbol on the main pay line. Your payment is automatic.

Some Nuclear 9s Basics

In the big real money slots game of Nuclear 9s, you have five reels and up to nine pay lines. If you want to just try it out, you can bet a penny a spin. On the other hand, if you want to shoot for the big money Nuclear 9s, then you can bet one dollar on every spin. Now the Nuclear 9s logo is the big symbol that can lead to the big money, but even just a single Nuclear 9s logo will help you. That's because Nuclear 9s is a wild sign. You can use it to complete any winning combination. So four of the big Nines or cherry bunches plus a Nuclear 9s sign is a winning string. In the slots casino game, you can also get the Atomic scatter sign. This sign can appear anywhere on the reels. It does not even have to be on a pay line. If you get three or more, the game hands you free spins in which the amount you can win is multiplied. Other winning signs are the traditional real money slots signs of bars and bells. Line up on the Nuclear 9s pay line and start counting your winnings.

Rolling Reels Feature

The Nuclear 9s real money slots game also has a special Rolling Reels feature. This neat feature is activated when you click the red "Power" button that you will see on the bottom right side of the game screen. Now when this Power Spins is activated, the game really goes nuclear. All of the symbols that can help you form a winning combination explode and disappear after that win is paid. Then, the reels roll down to fill in the empty spaces. That can create additional winning combinations. Any time you win during power spins in this slots casino game, your winnings are doubled (after the first win.) This feature helps to explain why Nuclear 9s has become one of Microgaming's most popular new real money slots games.