Riviera Riches

If you've ever wanted to take a trip down the Riviera, but haven't had the money or time to actually do so - don't bother right now! Rather, enjoy the slots game Riviera Riches and feel like you're in the glamorous setting without having to spend the money on the real thing. And better yet, you might actually be able to make money with this form of the Riviera Riches slots casino game! This is one of the great new slots games that you won't want to miss!

Slots Casino Fun

Riviera Riches is one of the newest slots casino games to hit the market. It welcomes players to the feeling of luxury of the Riviera with the slots game that includes an exotic look and glamorous feel. Riviera Riches combines the best of two types of games. It is, of course, a slots casino game that includes a 5 reel, 15 payline game. It includes symbols of elegance with dressed up men and women and the fancy look of the Riviera. The wild symbol here is the Riviera Riches Logo and it can substitute for others. If you have five of them on enabled paylines, then you'll find yourself in the lap of luxury with 1500 times the original bet that you made.

Other Slots Games Fun

This is one of the slots games that also has a scatter symbol. In this slots casino game it's the chips and money pile and it can be found anywhere on the reel to help out. If you've got yourself three or more of these, then you'll have 12 free spins that include triple payouts. Now that's a lot of riches with Riviera Riches.

Slots Casino Elegance

While you're enjoy the slots casino game with Riviera Riches, there is also great bonus fun. Riviera Riches combines the fun of the slots casino game with the Roulette Bonus Game. When you get to the bonus, you'll see that it's a roulette game where you place a number bet. When you're in the bonus round, you're always guaranteed a win that is four times your original bet or more! Now that's a nice guarantee with a slots games offer. You'll really look forward to great fun with Riviera Riches and will enjoy the way that it combines two games into one.

Riviera Riches Welcomes You

It's time to get more glamour in your life, and Riviera Riches is the slots casino game that offers you this fun. Whether you can actually enjoy this type of glitter in your real life, or whether a slots games site like Riviera Riches is all the glamour you get - you'll love playing this slots casino game!